This one's for you

There's just one week left until the highly anticipated holiday arrives. Yes, VALENTINES DAY! I know about 90% of you are cringing and the other 10% are rejoicing with butterflies in your stomach. This year I'm shockingly in the latter camp, solely due to being a newly wed. The previous decades of life were spent "surviving" the overly commercialized day. Regardless of where you're sitting, we want to encourage you to take this next week and show yourself some much needed love and TLC. Yep, fill yourself with positive thoughts {try to compliment yourself daily!}, soak in a foamy candlelit bath while sipping champagne and perhaps even treat yourself to something new & shiny {see #2}. Why go to all the fuss? Because you're worth it!!! Obviously. :)


Now get to it… and have a lovely weekend! xoxo