Let it rain

Fall wouldn't be Fall without rain. It's a necessary evil that is sure to kill any potential for a good hair day, not to mention soak your hot new heels while running for cover. In all the madness of a downpour this week, we foolishly left our 6 year old umbrella in a cab {blonde moment} as we were bolting to shelter. Well, one lucky Bostonian scored a vintage umbrella that day... it was BEYOND time for a new one anyway. We popped into a local boutique and it was instant umbrella heaven when we saw the happy and colorful assortment. Stripes, polka-dots and bold florals - all designed by the Finnish company, Merimekko. What a wonderful way to add a burst of color on a rainy, grey day. We were actually excited to use it! Is that weird?

So the moral of the story is to never leave your umbrella in a cab... unless you need a legit excuse to buy another one. Sport one of these with some boots and bring on the rain!

*Photos courtesy of Marimekko {if you're like us and love reading about the design process, here is some insight on Marrimekkos designers}