Pattern Mixology

When it comes to fun & modern stationery, there's nothing we love more than mixing complementary patterns. Well, aside from funky fonts & painted edges :) But this art of mixing patterns must be done carefully, otherwise it could be a total flop. Depending on what you're designing, some people recommend sticking to a 60/30/10 rule. That is 60% of a pattern you love, 30% a complimentary pattern and 10% an "accent" pattern. This rule definitely applies when thinking about home decor. Regardless of how you're mixing patterns, it's important to use patterns in a range of scales {they should vary in size} and include a variety- such as stripe variation, a midsize geometric, and a floral. We put together this little navy & white inspiration board with some fun patterns that we're currently LOVING, to give you a better idea:


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Here's the pattern mixingin action on one of our favorite invitation suites:


What do you think of the pattern mixing trend? Do you think it's better suited for home decor or stationery… or BOTH?