The difference a font can make

We're still incredibly giddy about the recent release of The Collection, our new ready to order line! One of my favorite parts about the ordering process is how much designs can take on their own style based on the ink color and the script font choice. Have you seen our Formal Calligraphy suite?

This is my absolute favorite example of what a difference a font can make. Being able to choose from 48 different fonts {many of which were created from hand calligraphy} gives a plethora of different looks for this suite. For instance...

I'm holding my breath for the moment someone orders this suite letterpress printed in mint, light blue or sage ink!! Can you imagine the soft elegance?!

Watercolor Galore!

As a graphic designer working with computers and screens day after day, the one thing that I miss is using my hands to get dirty and create something tangible. Luckily, my longings for that creative outlet have recently been fulfilled. As of late, we have had some fun working with our clients to incorporate hand painted watercolor art. We have painted watercolor wash backgrounds, icons reading from vegetables to flowers, patterns, and even holiday themes!

We are so excited to continue to work these hand painted pieces of love into future designs with future clients. 

Take a peek!

Font love Friday!

We have been working our butts off on holiday cards lately and in the process, we've stumbled across some killer new fonts. My particular favorite is the oh-so stylish Elsie, but it's hard not to be intrigued by South Rose that has characteristics of stained glass. :) Which is your favorite?

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Font love Friday!

Sometimes short weeks feel like the longest ones, don't you think? I'm particularly happy that Friday is here MAINLY because I'm getting the nasty cold that's going around. You better believe that this weekend will be filled with sleep, tea and Emergen-C. What do you have up your sleeves for these days off? Hopefully your plans are more exciting than mine!! To kick off the weekend, here's a round up of pretty fonts to wish you a happy Friday!

Font love Friday!

Hey friends! As we've been mocking up some designs for clients this week, there's been a lot of playing around with different font combinations. It's so exciting how typography can COMPLETELY change the feel, the formality, the tone of an invitation. It's nerdy, we know. Anyway, here's a little round up of fabulous fonts to wish you a very happy start to the weekend...

Monogram it!

Not everyone gets pumped up about monograms the way that we do, but when a bride knocks on our door in need of a one uniquely tailored to them, we JUMP at the chance! This is actually one of the things we love most about working with clients- designing a custom monogram that we can use throughout the invitation suite and incorporate into their wedding day materials. These little works of art vary in style and amount of detail included, depending on what each couple wants. Take a peek at some of our favorite monograms that we designed in the last few years, ranging from simple to complex... and from modern to rustic!

Which one is your favorite?

To learn more about general monogram etiquette, check out what our friends at Mark and Graham have to say {here}!

Say yes to color

When it comes to Spring, you can't go wrong with mixing bright colors. This can be applied to many design mediums- fashion, home decor, stationery... and in this case, florals! We wanted to jump start the week with this super fun, look that we caught over on the Peaches & Mint blog. It has been stirring up inspiration in our office, and we're rearing to group together different sizes of bottles, vases, cups and bowls and give this a try! What a beautiful look for the home, office or even for a sweet party decoration.

We love being reminded that things don't have to be "matchy" or symmetrical to be beautifully designed! Happy Monday!!

*Photo courtesy of Peaches & Mint

A lesson in typography

To say we love typography is an understatement. We at Paper Moss have been known to play "what's that font" on a day-to-day basis, with any random thing we see. Menus, signs, t-shirts... PRICE TAGS! Yea, it's a habit. Today we're nerding out and sharing some fonts that we're currently loving. So, take notes and perhaps next time we're in the same room you can beat us at our own, embarrassingly ridiculous game?! Or not... ;)

Seriously though, happy Friday!

From the Designer's Desk: National Stationery Show


1 | 2 | 3

I can't even begin to share the joy that I was filled with while attending the National Stationery Show in New York City this past weekend! It was a whirlwind of amazing color, paper, designs, and people!! Walking up and down the aisles meeting with new (and returning) print & design companies, paper vendors, and so much more, sparked the creative buzz in my head.

What I love most about the NSS is to be able to see how these amazing creatives have their own voice…and stick to it! There is nothing more beautiful then seeing the hard work of artists come out in their work. Just a couple of my favorite freebies from the show include two great frame worthy cards from Power and Light Press and Sycamore Street Press (who doesn't love a good copper foil?!?). And of course, luggage tags from Rifle Paper Co.

These artists, collaboratives, and business owners are truly inspiring to keep creating and stick to what I know and what I love. Passion and verve will always create the best stuff.


Until next time, from my desk to to yours!




Pattern Mixology

When it comes to fun & modern stationery, there's nothing we love more than mixing complementary patterns. Well, aside from funky fonts & painted edges :) But this art of mixing patterns must be done carefully, otherwise it could be a total flop. Depending on what you're designing, some people recommend sticking to a 60/30/10 rule. That is 60% of a pattern you love, 30% a complimentary pattern and 10% an "accent" pattern. This rule definitely applies when thinking about home decor. Regardless of how you're mixing patterns, it's important to use patterns in a range of scales {they should vary in size} and include a variety- such as stripe variation, a midsize geometric, and a floral. We put together this little navy & white inspiration board with some fun patterns that we're currently LOVING, to give you a better idea:


via | via | via

Here's the pattern mixingin action on one of our favorite invitation suites:


What do you think of the pattern mixing trend? Do you think it's better suited for home decor or stationery… or BOTH?

Vendor Crush: Drywell

The other day we stumbled upon the most amazing, inspiration igniting company- Drywell Art. This California based artist creates the cutest hand drawn works, inspired by something we all love- food and drink. While it was so fun to peruse their website, I wanted to share two examples, in honor of the upcoming holidays...


Adorable, aren't they?! And I'm obsessed with this cocktail tea towel- such a cute hostess gift!

Happy Friday, friends!!