Kitchen Goodies = Hostess Gifts

We're launching into prime party season and hostess gifts are a necessity. Since your time is probably devoted to juggling the already busy holiday schedule of shopping, baking and traveling, we pulled together some unique, funky kitchen and food related ideas for the host.... or perhaps yourself? :)

1.  The Savoy Cocktail Book $20

Originally published in 1930 with yummy cocktail recipes {from a celebrity bartender at the Savoy Hotel in London} and fabulous vintage illustrations.

2. Momofuku Cookies $10

You can finally buy treats from the infamous East Village eatery and bakery! Favorites such as Compost Cookies and Crack Pie are so hard to resist.

3. Dish Towels $24

One can never own too many dish towels - especially when they're so pretty AND machine washable!

4. Hors d'oeuvre Jellies $6

Flavors like Cherry-Brandy, Peach-Amaretto, Mimosa and Jalapeño are even peaking our interest... and we generally don't like jellies and jam.

5. Cork Screw $36

A fancy, vintage twist {pun intended} for the wine lover.

6. Bacon Burbon Caramel Corn $34

Sweetness and savory flavors... for a risque combination! Yes please!