Custom... chocolate?

Happy Monday everyone! As you know, we are all about customization, but even we couldn't have predicted that the day would come when you could customize chocolate bars! When we found out about Chocomize, it was an overwhelming joy, to say the least. Here's how it works:

1. Select the chocolate: White, Milk or Dark

2. Choose the ingredients: candy, spices, nuts, fruit or seasonal sprinkles - up to 5! There are so many fun options to choose from, it was hard to even pick these to show you! {And believe it or not, Strawberry Gushers was one of the options...!}

3. Name your chocolate bar and check out! It's mailed to you in a cute festive box, surrounded by cold packs just to make sure it's as perfect as you intended for it to be.

What a fun idea for special stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or even wedding favors! Chocomize can help you add an edible image {even a monogram or custom logo!} and they even give a wedding discount.

Oh how we love custom work! Especially this kind. Be sure and share with us your ideal chocolate bar below!

*Photos courtesy of Chocomize