That's a Wrap!

If giving gifts is one of the greatest parts about this season, then wrapping gifts may be the second! It’s no secret that we’ve loved ribbons, bows and pretty paper since we were young, but only recently was it brought to our attention that we can be a little O.C.D about holiday wrapping. In our defense, we aren’t the only one’s who choose a color palate each year for giftwrap. Martha does it too.

Here are a few fun ideas to make the outside of your holiday gifts a little more special. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, but the outside should not be forgotten!

Add some mini ornaments or other funky, personalized goodies to enhance the bow.

{via Baraini Diva}

Add some texture with non-traditional ribbon such as yarn, raffia, fabric... the possibilities are endless!

{via Bugs and Fishes}

Or, spice things up by skipping a bow and creating a pattern and adding texture by weaving ribbon.

{via Martha Stewart}

Keeping with the concept of skipping a bow all together, how cute are these letter pressed buckles?!

{via d.Sharpe}

Lastly, check out some cute patterned containers or wrap a strip of ribbon or paper around a plain metal jar & treat it like a box! Don't you just love the toppers on this one?!

{via BHG}

Happy wrapping!!