Let's Take a Walk...

It's not very often that I post {Anna is the mastermind behind the blog} so it's an even rarer occasion that I post something extra personal. Maybe today I'm feeling more nostalgic than others, but I wanted to take a walk down memory lane for no reason other than the love of shoes & friends. That's me, in the picture, holding my wedding-day Manolo's freshly covered in permanent marker. She did what??? you ask? You heard right. As thrilled as I was to wear such classic, dreamy shoes, the true excitement was being surrounded by my best friends. It's no doubt I'll keep these shoes forever {and even get to wear them time to time} because they are so much more than a shoe. They encompass the love & support of my friends back on that summer day in June of 2007. Love you girls... ~E

Want the memory but are shoe-sign shy? Have them sign the shoebox instead!

*Wedding & Floral photo courtesy of Barnaby Draper Studios

*Flowers by Stoneblossom