Pure Bliss

Wednesday night, we had the pleasure of partying down at the launch of the new magazine Celebrations. With so many beautifully creative minds behind these pages, we knew it couldn't be anything less than perfect, but we had NO idea just how perfect it would be! Now that we have your attention, here are a few of the reasons why we are obsessing:

1. Abby & Will's letterpress invite was a perfect fit for one of their Color Board Features, all that which provide endless inspiration. {Did we mention the advertisements from vendors happen to adorably match each feature?} Love those details!

2. Inspiration shoots like THIS! Industry professionals collaborate to create breathtaking scenes filled with details that raise the bar. Whether it's a mitzvah, dinner party or wedding, there are stunning ideas flowing from page to page to page. We were thrilled to participate in this particular photo shoot at Sweet Berry Farm, alongside one of our favorite photographers Ricky from Public Image Photography.

3. REAL events + color combinations that are to die for! Abby and Andrew's feature is just one of the many that we've been drooling over. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We continue to ooh & ahh over her TRUE Event details & flowers by Sayles Livingston, all captured by the lovely Leila Brewster Photography.

*Photos courtesy of Celebrations