Sweet & Saucy Cake toppers

For years now, I have had a little crush on Sweet & Saucy Supply. If you're a baker.... or a bride, you'll probably find something in their shop to fall in love with too! Aside from the numerous cute & character-filled cake stands, bowls & platters, they have a killer selection of cake toppers for weddings, birthdays and more! We're absolutely in love with some of these customizable options...


There are also serif & sans serif options if you want to include your initials! Thank you, Sweet & Saucy Supply for offering more pretty things for our wedding day desserts & beyond!!!

Tea time!

While perusing Style Me Pretty awhile back, we stumbled across this gorgeous Seattle wedding that featured a loose leaf tea bar for guest favors. Don't get me wrong, I would choose coffee over tea most days, but there is something so peaceful & comforting about sipping a cup of tea. Isn't this such a sweet idea?


If you're a tea lover, here are some other fun ways to blend into your wedding day. Aren't these corked test tubes full of leaves just adorable?! And it may come as no surprise, but we're in love with incorporating vintage style tea boxes or china!

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Say yes to color

When it comes to Spring, you can't go wrong with mixing bright colors. This can be applied to many design mediums- fashion, home decor, stationery... and in this case, florals! We wanted to jump start the week with this super fun, look that we caught over on the Peaches & Mint blog. It has been stirring up inspiration in our office, and we're rearing to group together different sizes of bottles, vases, cups and bowls and give this a try! What a beautiful look for the home, office or even for a sweet party decoration.

We love being reminded that things don't have to be "matchy" or symmetrical to be beautifully designed! Happy Monday!!

*Photo courtesy of Peaches & Mint

4 floral details you'll want to try

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend, and that you're having an even LOVELIER start to your week. Today is a soggy, rainy day in Boston and we're cheering ourselves up with some pretty floral ideas to tie into the wedding day. Hearing about the details that our couples are planning is always so fun- there are endless ways to make the day unique!! This little round up would be a perfect combination for an outdoor, garden wedding… or any one of these would be an elegant accent to a classic or rustic wedding.


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Regardless of your style, we hope you enjoy! Oh and this blog post including the photo of the floral ampersand is SO COOL for those who are into typography!

A Brunch Necessity

Finally the weekend is upon us and truth be told, I've been craving a bloody mary all week. Well, ever since I had one last Sunday. ;) There is something so divine about sipping on that spicy elixir during a long brunch! Better than that, is when you end up at a "make your own" bloody mary bar with a variety of flavored salts, veggies & hot sauces to mix in. Maybe even bacon or buffalo mozzarella?! Thankfully that trend is running rampant here in Boston restaurants, but it's also a fun & interactive element to offer at a bridal shower or birthday brunch!


Happy weekending!

*Photo by Jessica Burke

Oh baby!

Happy Monday! It wouldn't be right to start the week without mentioning the festivities of yesterday. We had a baby shower in celebration of the beautiful momma to be, our very own Emily!! She's been hard at work growing a little baby boy that is due in October. It was so fun to collaborate with the ever-fabulous Sarah True of True Event for this fete and you better believe we'll be sharing more pics in the weeks to come. :) On a side note, I got to see Baby H's nursery for the first time over the weekend and it made everything seem so real!! I couldn't be more excited to meet the little guy in a few short weeks! While I'm sure Emily has her own fabulous ideas for birth announcements {when the time comes}, I ran across this one while searching for her shower inspiration and thought it was too precious not to share:


Isn't this the cutest?! Stay tuned for more details on the shower & OF COURSE the fun invitations :)

Constructing a beverage bar

For the big day we're putting together a beverage bar, so naturally I've been looking for ideas and inspiration on how to spice it up and make it special. While it never occurred to me to put an emphasis on non-alcoholic drinks, going this route will create a balance between our friends & family members who don't drink at all and those who do can obviously enjoy something from the other bar. :) Everyone wins, right?! In searching for inspiration, I've been obsessed with this picture ever since my eyes met it:


So if we brought it to life, this is how it would all go down:


Whether you're planning a beverage bar for your wedding, a shower, a birthday party or a summer picnic, consider spicing up the presentation to make guests feel extra special.

Independence Day party prep

This time of year I can't help but to fall into the trap of thinking that everything red, white & blue is appropriate to buy, make or eat. Seriously, it's what we do in America, right?! Well in honor of the grand celebration tomorrow, I'm finding these easy summer treats pretty irresistible. If you're headed to a celebration of any kind, consider whipping one of these up...

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Whatever you end up feasting on tomorrow, may it be filled with deliciousness!!

Game on!

Well hello and happy Monday!! Hope you had a lovely little weekend. While perusing wedding ideas just the other day, I stumbled upon one of my all time favorite games for barbecues, birthday parties and then realized that it's foolish to deprive a wedding of such a fun activity: Corn Hole! These custom corn hole boards are beyond adorable and would be the perfect little addition to a rehearsal dinner, wedding day festivities or even a thoughtful gift for the newlyweds.

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There are a slew of customizable options, but the ones over at Style My Corntoss are pretty stinkin' cute!

Tea time

Every girl goes through a phase of loving tea parties, starting at a very young age. Let's be honest, who remembers their first tea set?! I do!!! Yeah, well my "phase" was completely revived while studying abroad in London in college. Taking tea at the iconic Savoy Hotel was beyond my wildest dreams- every sip & nibble was magical due to the exquisite surroundings & phenomenal service. After a recent site visit at the Ocean House, where we just barely missed tea time, I've been determined to make a way to enjoy this age old tradition while catching up with the ladies.

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And because a tea party would be the sweetest inspiration for a bridal or baby shower, this little DIY from Everything Fab would make for the perfect take away, don't you agree?!



Incorporating heirlooms

We're so excited to have our dear friend Juliana guest posting again today to share her insight and inspiration for incorporating heirlooms into the big day! Enjoy this special Wedding Wednesday feature!! A wedding is one of life’s most significant events, and one that will become sewn into the fabric of your family history. The incorporation of family heirlooms into the big day is a way of honoring your past, as well as a way to begin to create your new future. Even seemingly small gestures can have a big emotional impact, and give family members a way to feel included. I have outlined some ideas of ways to incorporate personal family objects to made the big day extra meaningful for everyone involved. This goes well past the old adage: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” we hope you enjoy it.

Perhaps the easiest way for the bride to incorporate a heirloom is to wear a special family piece of jewelry, such as a set of rings, bracelet or necklace. Wearing a vintage heirloom veil is also a great option {for some veil ideas please see our previous blog post}. An heirloom is also something easy for the groom to wear as well.  A special watch, cuff links or pocket square can become part of his ensemble. At my own wedding, my father actually wore his father’s shoes.

I also love the idea of taking a special embroidered handkerchief, or even a small piece of a family wedding gown and using it to wrap the bouquet. A larger piece of fabric or ribbon would also be wonderful to use as a sash or belt around your wedding gown.

Another great idea would be to use the buttons from a vintage ensemble (or even earrings) and converting them into shoe clips. (Costume jewelry would work best in this case, you wouldn't want anything to happen to a priceless heirloom on the dance floor!)

If someone in your family has a large china collection, Incorporating some of the pieces into the centerpieces and floral arrangements is something that can be truly beautiful and gives your guests the opportunity to see your family’s history. If you have many tables and only one or two special things, this could also work really well at the escort card table or near the guest book.

And don't forget the idea of making new heirlooms for the family you are now creating together! I love the idea of embroidering a patch to sew into the lapel of your groom’s suit or tuxedo, right over his heart. You can also create a matching patch to sew into the bodice or hem of your wedding dress. Since the patch is so small (and removable!) it can be framed, stored with your photos, and even sewn into the wedding ensembles of future children or grandchildren.


Juliana Jacobs is a freelance fashion designer in New York City, where she lives with her husband. Most recently employed at New York & Company designing shirts and blouses, Juliana also has designed clothing for Amanda Bynes and Sarah Jessica Parker. While planning her own wedding this year, she rediscovered her love of lace, tulle, and all things letterpress, and has designed wedding veils for both herself and friends. Follow Juliana on tumbler and on Pinterest for more inspiration!

A pop of raspberry

I recently met with a bride & groom who were using raspberry as their primary wedding color. As we started talking through ideas for how to incorporate this vibrant pop of color, I fell in love with the elegance and sophisticated contrast with black tuxes and a frothy white gown. Whether you have a simple 3-color palette as theirs or rope in yellow, teal or other berry shades, raspberry is proving to be one of our favorite wedding colors right now!!

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A little weekend project

Recently, we were brainstorming some unique escort card ideas with a client, and we came across these super cute textured pots over on Urban Comfort. How cute would these be for shower decorations, center pieces, or in our client's case, little pot holders for their planted herb escort-card-and-favor in one?! We think they're so stinkin' cute in fact, that this little project is going to make our weekend to-do list. Are you with us?!


Insta-party: 4th of July

Yes, we have the 4th of July on our minds and really, can you blame us?! You're probably in the same boat, either securing plans for the holiday or locking up those last details for hosting your own soiree or barbecue. If you're into details like us, you'll surely appreciate this score we found for printable Independence Day party decorations. Yes, we're talking things like drink wraps, favor tags, party flags, cupcake wrappers, pennants and more. It's basically an insta-party.


Brilliant? We think so. :) If you're hosting your own party, give this a try and bring all those details together!

Seersucker love

For as long as I {Anna} can remember, seersucker has been one of my favorite fabrics. Yes, I have "favorite fabrics"... this happens when you study textiles in college. Moving to New England was one of the best things this girl could have done {short of moving to the south} to be surrounded by more seersucker. While a good seersucker sun dress is a necessity to keep cool & uber preppy during the summer, we're kind of digging the idea of reeling this fabulous fabric into a wedding. It's bright colors paired with a subtle pattern & texture provide some pretty stinkin' adorable ideas if we do say so...

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Riesling strawberry slushy

You know when you're surfing Pinterest and then bump into something so mind-blowing that you freeze and stare... you picture your life with that something... and then, you get that burst of urgency to wipe away your plans for the remainder of the day to go buy or make that thing?! Yep, we suffered from this scenario just the other day and here's the culprit: A Riesling Strawberry Slushy.


In this case, life might in fact be better while sipping on this fruity, boozy cooler. Join us in trying it this weekend? :) Happy Friday, lovelies!!!

Party in the park

After a long & busy week, I {Anna} am just bursting with excitement over a birthday party picnic that a friend and I are hosting for another one of our lovely ladies. Selfishly, this is kicking off one of my goals for this spring & summer: to picnic more! So while I'm prepping for tonight's festivities, I wanted to share some picnic inspiration {as if the Miu Miu slingbacks weren't enough!} in case you feel compelled to join in this goal! If so & you'll be in New England, can we pretty please plan a picnic date soon?!?

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Have a fantastic weekend!

Fresh fruit decor

With so many bright and fresh colors being seen in weddings these days, we're loving the idea of using fruit to add those pops of color! How fun and easy is it to pop over to your local market and pick up a case of lemons or oranges for escort cards?! Or even using fruit as a snack or take away for guests? As much as we love snacking on sugary sweet things, fruit would be just as fun!

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What do you think... would you use fruit to freshen things up on your big day? What kind of fruit would best accent your color palette?



Alas the weekend is here... how in the heck did that week fly by so quickly?! More than being excited to have a few days off to catch up life, laundry & friendships, we're pumped that some nice weather is on the way. This Saturday evening holds an engagement party for some dear friends up on the North Shore. In the spirit of celebration and the warm weather to come, this might just be the perfect excuse to bust out the popsicles & Prosecco for this deliciously slushy bev.


Thank you Southern Living for giving such a fabulous recipe. Is there a more appropriate way to toast our excitement for the months to come? Probably not. :) Have a wonderful weekend, pretties!