A delicious Boston tradition

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? After a few days off, we're feeling rested and rearing to conquer all that awaits! Well, sort of... Last night marked the end of a 5 day staycation with some west coast guests who came to tour Boston. One thing that always works into conversations with visitors is Boston Cream Pie. Although this infamous dessert originated at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, I must say that after recently trying it there, their recipe didn't do justice to how it has evolved through the years.

It got us thinking: how cute would it be to make mini- Boston Cream Pies?! Well, here's one for the recipe box friends. Pastry chef, Penny Stankiewicz let us in on her recipe {via Design Sponge} and these little beauties are perfect for a dinner party, birthday party, holiday or a perfectly plain Monday night! Love the new spin on this old tradition!

{Recipe via Design Sponge}