A Rendez-vous to Remember

This last weekend we joined in the fun & hoopla of a "Blogger Meet Up" organized by our friends Alison of Long Distance Loving and Jillian of Cornflake Dreams. It was such a wonderful weekend being surrounded by such creative and inspiring people whom we've blog crushed on from afar.

Well, part of this weekend extravaganza included things such as a CHOCOLATE TOUR {if you're a New Englander, this is a Boston activity that should be on the "must-do" list}, some yummy cocktails and even some super fun giveaways! Truth be told, we didn't win any of the giveaways {BOOOO!} however as a product of someone else's win, we have a new-found love, better known as The Bauble Bar. A woman can never have too many bracelets, right? Here's just a tiny sample of the gorgeousness that awaits...


Apparently we're on the slow boat because they've graced the pages of InStyle Magazine AND even Justin Bieber has been spotted sporting one of their Baubles! If the Biebs is doing it, my question to you is: What are we waiting for?! Guess it's high time we join in the fun!