The best case

We have a special Thursday Purseday devoted to those who are in touch with their inner-technology-loving-nerdy side. I love my electronics as much as the next gal and I KNOW that when my iPhone drops, certain words come out of my mouth that could make my grandma cry. I'm working on it!

We tracked down some of our favorite covers, cases and clutches to protect these precious items, so without further adieu...

This little wristlet has me convinced that Michael Kors is on to something. Being an iPhone owner, I can attest that the phone doesn't fit into just any clutch. While this wristlet concept is fabulous, the reviews are quite the contrary. Is it worth $80 to find out for ourselves??

If you have an iPad and $795.00 laying around, you'll definitely want to get your hands on this Cosmic iPad case- made of none other than lamb leather, of course. You can pre-order this case on the Marc Jacobs site.

Toting around my laptop is one thing that I completely loathe... but if it were in this sleek little laptop bag from Marc Jacobs, it wouldn't be so bad. Especially adoring the gold hardware!!

And last but not least, always faithful Kate Spade has some super fun laptop and phone cases. Perfect for those who are constantly on the go and like to stay fashionable while doing so!

Protecting electronics in the fanciest way possible is yet another trend that we LOVE!

*Photos courtesy of Apple; Marc Jacobs; Nordstrom; Kate Spade