A little Leopard

Oh hello there! We sure hope your week is going well!! This Thursday Purseday we have a fun pick for you straight from the shelves of our beloved JCrew. Can we just take a moment of silence to pay tribute to their fabulous fall & winter line? Oh what I'd give for a shopping spree at that store!!! Anyway, back on topic. Yes, leopard made a come back this year and we've been toying with the idea of investing in something with those saucy little spots on it. The Marlow Hobo was just shrieking "BUY ME!!" at first glance. Couldn't you imagine how effortlessly she'd hang from your shoulder?

Love it! I'll also mention that it's made from gorgeous Italian calf hair {I'm sure PETA just loves JCrew right now} but oh no, that wouldn't stop me from making this purchase. So now comes the real question: How could one pull off a statement piece such as this without it looking too ridiculously trendy? I pulled together a little inspiration outfit with 5 fun basic pieces that would suit it perfectly for this fall... what do you think? Would you rock it?

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It's taking all that's within me to not purchase this entire ensemble!!

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