Fall Favorites

Howdy there & happy Halloween!!! Did you get to do anything fun this weekend? Catch a glimpse of any unique costumes? It's always so fun to see all of the little kiddos decked out in costumes & acting out their characters!! So, we've been gushing about Fall ever since September hit... the season represents change, counting our blessings and spending loads of quality time with loved ones. This week some of our fabulous blog-friends are stopping by to share some of their "Fall Favorites" to inspire you! We have SUCH a fun week ahead!!!

For now, I'll get things started with one of my personal favorite fall past times: making {and eating} caramel apples. Enjoying them any other time of year doesn't have the same effect! Am I right or am I right?! More recently, I've noticed some fun recipes that make the most of these festive flavors.

{Recipes are clockwise from top left: via, via, via}

Mmmm...  don't these look like perfection? What is your favorite fall food?

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more fun Fall Faves! :)