Tuesday Shoesday: Joules

We've been so lucky to have some beautiful fall weather here in Boston lately, but growing up it was a season of living in rain boots. Words can't express how much I love my Hunters, but there are days when the wardrobe lacks variety thanks to mother nature. In effort to spice things up, I rolled across these incredibly ADORABLE wellies from the British company, Joules. They're basically perfect, don't you agree?!


And as if those aren't cute enough, Joules has a slew of other adorable patterns such as stripes, florals, polo horses {truly!}, the classic glossy style {in some fun colors} and of course, these beagle boots that are so stinkin' cute I want to scream...


If these aren't luring you to check out their other goodies, you're definitely missing out. In this case, it might be worth importing some new wellies and threads for the perfect British Countryside style that will set you apart no matter where in the states you reside!! Happy Tuesday Shoesday!! xo

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