Wrappers Delight

After hours on end of fighting crowds and searching for the perfect gifts, relief washes over you and the hunt is finished. Now comes the fun part... wrapping! Yes, this is one of my personal favorite parts about giving a gift. It's like going to a nice restaurant and looking at the beautiful presentation of a dish that you're about to dig in to. It's an art. Each year I choose a color palette {yes this sounds a little crazy, but don't hate} and all of the gifts I give are wrapped to coordinate with each other. I just can't fathom how anyone could hate gift wrapping?! Since your shopping is done {or will be soon} we figured that now is the perfect time to share some super fun, funky & EASY ways to dress up those gifts!

1- Font Fun

2- Make your own bows

3- Brighten things up with yarn

4- Recycle old sheet music

5- Bakers twine + a cute tag

6- Use foreign newspaper

7- Bow alternatives

Hopefully this helps in your search for how to wrap and adorn those sweet gifts this year! Have fun with it and embrace the chance to decorate something other than trees & cookies!