Mine & Yours

It's Friday... and better yet, a Friday of a long weekend! Don't get us wrong, we love what we do so these long weekends are bitter sweet. We all need some time to catch up on life though, and after a day of errands and cleaning what is better than to relax with a friend {or special someone} bundled up in blankets, watching movies and eating ice cream? Maybe it's just me {Anna} and this unhealthy obsession I have with the dessert, but I believe there is never a bad time for ice cream... and these spoons from Beach House Living are a must.


What an adorable gift too! Pair with some ice cream bowls like these ones from Anthropologie and if you're really goin' for it,  an ice cream maker like this one that is on sale at Williams Sonoma. LOVE!

Happy weekending, lovelies!