Happily ever after

Over the long weekend, something amazing happened. One of our dear friends found the wedding gown of her dreams... and can we just say that AMAZING doesn't even begin to describe how stunning she looks in this dress?! Yes, our blushing bride to be is beaming with joy and though the details of said gown are behind sealed lips, it's no secret that she'll be sporting TOMS on the big day. Now that the dress has been found, we're left with one more important question... will she wear white TOMS or rock that "something blue" on her feet?


The TOMS wedding line has plenty of options ranging from pale shades of grosgrain to glittery silver or blue... thankfully we're not the ones deciding because it might require a shoe change every hour just to fit all the pretty colors in. Either way, not only will the bride have some pretty awesome {and super comfortable} wedding shoes, but it's yet another reason to support the TOMS Movement. And that friends, is quite a way to start "happily ever after".