Neon, neon

Just saying the word "neon" fondly reminds us of John Mayer's pre-Jennifer Aniston days. Do you remember that song?! Despite his womanizing tendencies, that whole album {Room for Squares} is how he first won our musical approval. All that to say, it's time the song made it back into the playlist while we're donning the current trend of.... neon yellow! Yes thats right, we've been seeing it everywhere! Electric and punchy shades in shoes, handbags, frocks, and accessories. It took awhile to buy in to the trend, but it's totally growing on us. What do you think? Would you ever tote around a bright neon bag such as this shoulder bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs?

1: Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag via

2: Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings via

3: Camilla and Marc dress via

4: Roberto Cavelli belt via

5: NEON nail polish via