Take a seat

If you've read our blog before, you probably know that Emily and I {Anna} go through varying phases of obsessions. We like to consider these obsessions of the healthy variety {is that possible?!} solely because they are usually with things or concepts that inspire us. The latest obsession besides Repetto shoes? Colored chairs. OMG.

{From top left: via/ via/ via/ via/ via/ via}

Though it's probably not the most budget friendly, we're dying over these wedding chairs that add such funky pops of color to the ceremony or table setting! A more cost effective option is to add a chair adornment like ribbons, sashes, place cards {yes, on the chairs} or chair covers. Either way, making those chairs stand out is a great way to wow your guests and make them feel special... not to mention that it opens the door to making a bold statement with the ambience regardless of the wedding theme or color palette.

What color {or combination of colors} would you have at your wedding?