Cinco de Mayo

Any excuse to celebrate is a good excuse to celebrate- that's my philosophy. Perhaps growing up on the west coast made me fall in love with Cinco de Mayo {it was always a big deal} so when I uprooted and came out east, the tradition of celebrating this flamboyant & fun holiday could not be let go. Alas the time has come to celebrate Mexican heritage... so what makes a good Cinco de Mayo party in my book? It's simple really...

{1} Festive desserts such as these piñata cookies are a MUST!

{2} Distract guests with home made guacamole while putting those finishing touches on dinner... Works like a charm! Every. Time.

{3} Enchiladas are our entree of choice and this year we're thinking of switching up the traditional chicken with chipotle shredded pork!

{4} Obviously margaritas are a necessity. OBVIOUSLY. We sure love a traditional marg but this year, there may be another flavor to add to the menu.

And you better BELIEVE that if I had the time, I would make a fancy piñata for us to punch on this weekend. :) There's always next year! Happy Cinco de Mayo!



*Photos courtesy of She KnowsMartha Stewart; Pennies on a Platter; White on Rice Couple