Makes me want to dance

Today is a rare day in the Paper Moss world, it's Music Monday! We're only really deeming this Music Monday thanks to twitter's #musicmonday inspiration but we couldn't resist an opportunity to share some of the music that has been inspiring us as of late. Are we missing out on any new music??? Please share! A few on the current playlist:

Allen Stone

The Lumineers 

Colbie Caillat

Chris Tomlin

and shamelessly, we're diggin' the new John Mayer

While on the topic of music, we spotted this adorable wedding favor over on Green Wedding Shoes the other day. The couple worked with Portland, OR based Steep Street to create several custom album covers for their compilation of songs that represented their love. How adorable is that?!?

Happy Music Monday and may you rock out to many awesome tunes this week!!