Summer tunes

How was your weekend, friends? Ours was long but productive. I'm not gonna lie, my feet are dragging today and I need a little pick-me-up to help jump start the week! Naturally that happens with (1) coffee and (2) music. After asking a handful of friends what their favorite summer songs are, I put together this little playlist. Haters of country music, proceed with caution. Apparently warm weather calls for a little twang and some good old school hits. Check it out! :)

{Turn up the heat}

playlist 3


Oooo, playlist three, how you make me happy. It reminds me of last summer, driving down the highway in June with my roommates, blaring Anna Sun out the windows. Actually, almost all of this playlist reminds me of summer. Summer memories and music will have to suffice for now!

Check out the playlist on Spotifty!

Paper Moss Playlist: Mountains


This playlist has been in the works for a while now, slowly adding tracks here and there, and today I think it's finally ready for a debut! I'm often wanting to feel cozy while I'm in the office, so I started making a list of songs that make me feel that way, and here you have it! Mountains. I'm sure there will be names you know and names you don't, but that is the point! Sharing great music and finding new things.

What would you add to the list? We're listening!


PS- We updated our Holiday playlist too!

Makes me want to dance

Today is a rare day in the Paper Moss world, it's Music Monday! We're only really deeming this Music Monday thanks to twitter's #musicmonday inspiration but we couldn't resist an opportunity to share some of the music that has been inspiring us as of late. Are we missing out on any new music??? Please share! A few on the current playlist:

Allen Stone

The Lumineers 

Colbie Caillat

Chris Tomlin

and shamelessly, we're diggin' the new John Mayer

While on the topic of music, we spotted this adorable wedding favor over on Green Wedding Shoes the other day. The couple worked with Portland, OR based Steep Street to create several custom album covers for their compilation of songs that represented their love. How adorable is that?!?

Happy Music Monday and may you rock out to many awesome tunes this week!!

Artists who inspire

Happy Monday to you! For those who are avid tweeters, you may be familiar with Music Mondays. While Music Monday postings won't be a regular occurrence on Pearls for Paper, we couldn't resist taking this chance to share some of the musical artists that have been inspiring us lately. But now that we're sharing, we want to know what you're rockin out to these days too! Anything that we must check out?


A few on the current playlist:

The Head and the Heart

One Republic

Rachel Yamagata

The Beatles {loved those American Idol covers!!! Well, most of them...}

Amos Lee


Have a lovely week! xo


*Photo courtesy of Libertad Leal Photography

When all else fails... is our inspiration. Come to think of it, even when nothing fails, music is still our inspiration. Whether you find yourself humming a tune while working away or rocking out to your favorite album while cleaning, music is the energy and the motivation behind so many incredible things. For those brides {and grooms} who love music, how about this cute idea to incorporate a shared passion into your special day?

Of all the art mediums that we share on Pearls for Paper, we always seem to leave out music. Why??? Well, there is no good answer. So on this lovely friday, we ask you this: What is your favorite music to work to? What song, band or album awakens your creativity?

Here are just a few of our current faves:

Band of Horses

Elizabeth & the Catapult

Andrew Belle

Joni Mitchell


*Photo courtesy of The Wedding Ideas Blog