Most Wanted

During a quick trip to New York last week to meet with clients, we had the chance to pop into the Elliot Lucca showroom, where a dear friend of ours is living the dream as a graphic designer/ photographer. Now don’t get us wrong, Paper Moss is our own precious dream come true and we couldn’t love it be more, but SERIOUSLY, jealousy tugs on our heartstrings at the sight {and sweet smell} of this showroom. What do you know… handbags happen to be one of our favorite vices! Our friend was kind enough to send over pictures of a few of their handbags on our “Most Wanted” list. Though we’re sad to have summer fade away, these gorgeous fall handbags are making us so excited for crisp days, being bundled in warm clothes and donning one of these saucy new purses!!

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* Photos courtesy of Victoria Masters