Cake Pops!!

Being lovers of all things events, we are enamored with the unique ways that hostesses and event planners go above and beyond to “wow” their guests. Cake Pops would fall into that category- so adorable and delicious, they leave us raving about them and wanting more.

We first stumbled across Cake Pops while looking for ideas for a friend’s bridal shower. After some quality time blog-hopping, we landed on Bakerella, a blog dedicated to baking and decorating, and captivating people like us in the process. They are so cute and versatile, its easy to think of ways to incorporate them into every day life! Think baby showers, birthday parties, holidays, gifts, Fridays, and so on…

Meet the little pink pops that started this phenomenon:

On the tutorial of how to make these precious wedding cake pops, someone proposed to their girlfriend, who is a frequent reader of Bakerella.

For an idea this precious, we'd give the man a high five if given the chance. By the end of reading the post, with tissues in hand, we were eagerly stalking the comment section to see her response...

She said YES!!!! Lucky lady!

If you want to try your hand at making these, here are directions. Don't stop there! On September 8th, Bakerella is releasing with a cook book just for Cake Pops! Pre-order it!!

*Photos courtesy of Bakerella