Into the Wild

What better place to explore your wild side than in the depths of South Africa?! Take a 50 minute plane ride from Johannesburg and you have arrived at this weeks unforgettable Honeymoon Hotspot, the Makanyane Safari Lodge. The lodge itself sits inside of the Madikwe Game Reserve, which is home to a variety of animals, including the Big Five (elephants, lions, buffalo, rhinos and leopards).  You may be out in the wild savannah, but you'll find that the owners made comfort a top priority for their guests. And with only eight suites and a maximum of sixteen guests, you truly will receive the utmost care during your stay. Makanyane embraces local materials and textures from natural rock walls and thatched roofs to teak doors along with colorful textiles and patterns in the interiors. As the lodge was aimed to be as least invasive as possible on its’ surroundings, you will see no barriers between you and the reserve, meaning you might just wake up to an elephant or zebra outside of your room.

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While there, the lodge offers several excursions such as drives and walks in the reserve, private barbeques and breakfasts out in the bush, and going to one of their “hides” in order to view the wildlife. They also offer the unique experience of sleeping outside on a deck near a secluded waterhole. Can't you just imagine falling asleep to the sounds of savannah and taking in the starry sky?

You truly will have ventured into the wild on this Honeymoon Hotspot. What would you hope to spot on your stay??