Honeymoon Hotspot: St. Lucia


This one is a no-brainer for me and I'm definitely biased, as this was the hotspot where the Mr. and I spent our honeymoon last September! A man staying in the villa next to ours said it best between puffs on his cigar when he said, "this place is {insert colorful swear word} ecstasy!" Yes, that's the edited version. And crazy as that man was, he was RIGHT!

Here's an ariel shot of the grounds- the resort is nestled in between the Pitons {these mountains were formed by a volcano} and was once a sugar plantation.

The rooms were heavenly- all white with dark wood floors and dark wood accents. Each villa has it's own soaking pool, and ours had a view of the beach like his one…! Perfect for watching the sunset while taking a dip!!

And I can't fail to mention that the spa is a series of tree houses in the rainforest? My mind is STILL blown.

We thought that St. Lucia was a perfect spot to honeymoon with a balance of our secluded, romantic resort and countless options for exploring in surrounding towns. We toured Soufriere and took a volcanic mud bath, rinsed off in a nearby waterfall and explored the botanical gardens. AH what I'd give to go back!!! ;)

Honeymoon hotspot: Brazil


Admittedly, the first time I saw this picture of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, I sat wide eyed- jaw dropped. This place looks incredible. While I think visiting it alone & sliding down the white sandy mountains into the water would be enough to make a honeymoon completely glorious, I found a little gem of a resort a few hours away. Chili Beach looks every bit soothing and airy- a idyllic way to unwind after wedding planning insanity, don't you think?!

Onsite pools, nearby beaches, horseback riding, snorkeling and {of course} a stunning spa all lure me to add Brazil to my list of "must see" spots. And since I STILL can't get my mind off of Lençóis Maranhenses, here's one more photo to convince you of the fun you could be having...


Who wants to go?!


Honeymoon Hotspot: Phuket

We were out to dinner the other night with some friends who were recalling their honeymoon to Thailand almost 5 years ago. I've now bumped into a handful of people who spent that special vacay in various cities & islands of Thailand and have heard nothing but raves.

My brother planned quite the exquisite getaway for his now wife, where they stayed at the JW Marriott in Phuket for a couple of weeks. Hearing from them first hand, this place blew their minds and has now found it's way to the top of our list of honeymoon hot spots!

White sandy beaches, Thai massages, delicious cuisine, a stunning spa… did I mention the baby elephants roaming the grounds?! To die for. Who wants to go?!?!

Honeymooning: Part I

We're working on a series of posts about the vacation of a lifetime… yep, the HONEYMOON!! Your reward after many months of working, planning, budgeting, showers and running around like crazy!! We'll be Including packing tips and some of our favorite, dreamy destinations. For now, we'll get your wheels turning with one beautiful ocean top property in Bora Bora, The Four Seasons.


Leaving on a jet plane

Welp, I'm officially Mrs. Berglund now!!! The weekend flew by in all of its beauty and the Mr. and I are now headed off for some much needed relaxation in St. Lucia. For me, traveling brings inspiration unlike anything else. PLUS, I've never been anywhere tropical but this is what's waiting for us on the other side.

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I can't wait to explore the island, go hiking, eat lots of delicious food {that someone else makes} and get some quality time with Dan. I'll give a full report of the resorts we're staying at once we return. :)

Find It Rich In Bali

There is something about its mystic charm, colorful culture and picturesque landscapes that draws people from near and far to Bali. In the cultural heart of the island lies this weeks Honeymoon Hotspot, the Amandari. Sitting high above the Ayung River gorge outside of Ubud, one can expect to find luxury, seclusion, and romance here. You will be transported to a beautiful Balinese village, meandering down pebble walkways and enjoying the local aesthetic, scents and materials of coconut wood, teak and alang alang grass. The pool suites come highly recommended here, as they have private outdoor salt-water baths overlooking the river. What a way to relax!


While here you can take one the famous Amandari cooking classes, which includes a trip to a local market, go hiking nearby in the rice terraces of Ceking, find cultural treasures in Ubud, and even get a guide to take you to Mount Batur for an early morning sunrise. Expect to experience the natural and cultural riches of Bali here.

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Would you consider Bali for your Honeymoon Hotspot?

Into the Wild

What better place to explore your wild side than in the depths of South Africa?! Take a 50 minute plane ride from Johannesburg and you have arrived at this weeks unforgettable Honeymoon Hotspot, the Makanyane Safari Lodge. The lodge itself sits inside of the Madikwe Game Reserve, which is home to a variety of animals, including the Big Five (elephants, lions, buffalo, rhinos and leopards).  You may be out in the wild savannah, but you'll find that the owners made comfort a top priority for their guests. And with only eight suites and a maximum of sixteen guests, you truly will receive the utmost care during your stay. Makanyane embraces local materials and textures from natural rock walls and thatched roofs to teak doors along with colorful textiles and patterns in the interiors. As the lodge was aimed to be as least invasive as possible on its’ surroundings, you will see no barriers between you and the reserve, meaning you might just wake up to an elephant or zebra outside of your room.

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While there, the lodge offers several excursions such as drives and walks in the reserve, private barbeques and breakfasts out in the bush, and going to one of their “hides” in order to view the wildlife. They also offer the unique experience of sleeping outside on a deck near a secluded waterhole. Can't you just imagine falling asleep to the sounds of savannah and taking in the starry sky?

You truly will have ventured into the wild on this Honeymoon Hotspot. What would you hope to spot on your stay??


London Bound

London, London, London!! With so much buzz happening about London these days we couldn't help but think that the city would make a perfect Honeymoon Hotspot! Two places that we are head over heels for are the Corinthia and Boundary. In London, location is key and the Corinthia is right in the heart of the city. That fact alone makes it a coveted place to stay. With it's Victorian exterior and regal interiors it is the epitome of modern sophistication, you can't help but feel as if you are part of the royal family when you're here.


If you're looking for something a little more unique, the Boundary might just be it. Having recently opened in 2008 it has already made a name for itself. The building consists of three restaurants and bars, 12 individually designed guest bedrooms, plus five suites; a small British food store; and a bakery. What else could you possibly want?? What I love about this place is that each guest room was inspired by a different designer or design movement (12 in total), such as Charles and Ray Eames and the Bauhaus. You can't help but feel inspired when here, and with so many different options which designer themed room would you pick?


With so many things to see and do in London it's hard to name just a couple, but here are a few of my favorites. Obviously go see the Crown Jewels, diamonds are a girls best friend. Wander over to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen (you know you want to take a picture with the guards so go for it) and then head over to Hyde park for a low-key afternoon. If you're looking to get some shopping in Spitafields famous market is a must, or wander over to Chesire Street for an afternoon of exploring eclectic boutiques for local goods and vintage finds. If museum hopping is more your thing the Tate Modern, National Gallery, and White Cube are a few favorites.

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What would be at the top of your list to see or do in London?? Cheers!!

Hideaway in Santorini

On this happy Monday we are excited to bring you the first of several Honeymoon Hotspot features!! I (Paper Moss intern, Lyndse) personally love architecture, design and travel. So what better way to combine all of these than to provide some truly amazing destination getaways for your viewing pleasure. Santorini, Greece with its surreal landscape and relaxed vibe is definitely a place worth dreaming about, and so is the Perivolas Hotel.  This tranquil getaway outside of Oia sits high up on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.  Really, can it get any better??  The traditional rock carved rooms and whitewashed walls give you a taste of the local architecture and it seems only appropriate with its long-standing history in Greece, that lavender be the color of choice to brighten up each room.  Also on site are their infinity pool, restaurant and wellness studio. Yes please!  Needless to say, the location provides breathtaking views day and night.

(And if you truly want to escape everything, their companion hotel Perivolas Hideaway is so secluded that it is only accessible by boat.  You truly will feel as if you are the only ones around. Just be warned, you may never want to leave.)


While there you might also want to try these fun activities around the island:

Spend an evening at the open air cinema in Kamari, visit Santo Winery and enjoy tasting the local grapes (they even host weddings), take a day to explore the local cities Oia and Fiori, and of course you can’t visit Greece without going to the beach.  To catch some rays head to Perissa or Vlychada beach, and if you’re up for a little adrenaline kick, Amoudi Bay offers great spots for cliff jumping.

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Or just put your feet up, frappe in hand and take in the view. Would you consider Santorini for your Honeymoon Hotspot??  Happy Honeymooning!