Foldable wellies

The transitional seasons of spring & fall open the door for some crazy weather here in Boston. If you're a New Englander, you know what we're talking about- one minute it's a gorgeous 75 degree sunny day and before you know it, the dark clouds have rolled in and your hot shoes are about to drown in ankle deep puddles. The uneven, brick sidewalks sure don't help either. Ah, we love to hate and hate to love the quirkiness of our city! Well, regardless of where you live, you'll probably find an appreciation for these clever Foldable Wellies from Redfoot. Yes, THANK HEAVENS, we now have the option to roll 'em up and throw the boots in a bag so we can don our cute shoes post work and post rain storm.


They come in basic black and ruby red {our fave}, shown above. Though it's hard to part with the Hunters, this is the beginning of something beautiful.