SMART Resolutions!

HAPPY 2013!!! We hope that you had a fabulous holiday season & a grand entrance into the new year. It's going to be a beautiful year! While most people probably make their resolutions prior to the clock hitting midnight, we're still putting the finishing touches on ours, each being in categories ranging from relational, financial, spiritual, professional and physical. Alas, we'll have to start them next week, but it's OK! This year, it's not about checking off the box to make sure that we ______ {fill in the blank} every day or reach all of our lofty goals in the first 2 months, but rather, 2013 is about a heart and mindset change.


So as we think about our goals, we're making every effort to not to get trapped in ambiguity, thus leaving room for failure. Yes, this year we're going to make sure they're SMART.

Specific {be as concise as possible}

Measurable {find a way to measure your success}

Action oriented {make a list of steps to achieve}

Realistic {be practical so you can be successful}

Time Based {have a starting point & ending point}

Have you heard of this before?! If not, get a better picture of how to map out those goals and jump on board with us!!!