Chic rainy day attire

Having grown up in Seattle, I became accustomed to not using an umbrella 95% of the time. Yes, it rains the majority of the year, but we get so used to it... it's the air we breath in the pacific northwest. I didn't realize how strange it was until I moved to Boston and learned that if there is a chance of rain, I simply couldn't survive the day without an umbrella. The reality now? Wind gusts paired with rain, fluctuating from a gentle mist to a torrential downpour and back again, all within minutes... and it leaves this Seattleite feeling a little unstable. This is why we pay attention to awesome rainy day fashion such as these beauties from Burberry:

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As if the umbrella isn't stunning enough with those chic stripes, we're loving the studded detailing on the handle. Too bad it's a pretty penny {as in $995} to purchase this work of art. One splurge that we will never, EVER be able to justify. So instead, we just draw inspiration from it. :)


Happy Tuesday Shoesday!!