Cold weather comforts

One of my favorite cold weather comforts is hot chocolate. While I was away at the Return to Rest retreat last weekend, we were surrounded by snow and watching more pile up by the minute. I was excited to learn that the retreat hosts had arranged for a gourmet hot cocoa bar to be designed for us by Alexis from The Little Things and Katie, from Sweet Annie Floral Design. I'm not about to spoil the opportunity to share  professional photos of the gorgeous{!!!} outcome, but I want to admit that this experience completely inspired me to think outside the box & try out some new hot chocolate recipes to make the best of this winter weather!! 


Here are 4 that I'm most looking forward to:

- Lavender Hot Chocolate 

- S'mores Hot Chocolate

- Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

- Nutella Hot Chocolate

What is your go-to for comfort during the cold months?

This calls for Bubbly

Happy Friday! I'm especially excited for this weekend, since my man and I are attending the first holiday party of the season tonight! But the fun doesn't stop there. We're also having a few of our close friends over on Saturday for some festivities & bubbly. Are you planning to drop by... or host any holiday soirees?! Consider adding this brilliant & beautiful drink to the menu. I love the idea to freeze the cranberry wands the night before, so they're ready to keep the glasses of sparkling wine cold while people sip & mingle! 


The season of non-stop celebrations starts.... NOW!

6 Apple Recipes To Try This Fall

Can you believe that the first day of Fall hit on Tuesday?! This year has flown by incredibly fast and we'll be the first to admit that we're not ready to let go of the warm weather & long evenings. It's painful to anticipate the cold weather that's coming! Knowing that it's inevitable, we're looking on the bright side by getting excited for our favorite seasonal activities. One thing I love this time of year is to spend time in the kitchen- cooking, baking, mixing up a spicy new drink... whatever form it takes, I LOVE the flavors of fall! On top of that, since moving to New England, I've appreciated the tradition of apple picking. Here are 10 apple based recipes that we {in the Paper Moss office} are dying to try this season:







Do you have a favorite one? If so, PLEASE pass it along- I'd love to give it a try :)

Oh and I should mention- if you want to get in the festive spirit with your significant other, consider these festive date ideas that we spotted over on this week!


Happy Hour: Strawberry Thyme Lillet

We're in this odd seasonal transitional time of year and the ups and downs of the weather can be quite a roller coaster in New England. Before we completely embrace the approach of fall, there are just a couple more warm- weather cocktail recipes that we've been dying to try. This Strawberry Thyme Lillet we spotted over on What's Gabby Cookingsounds refreshing on a warm, sunny Friday like today! What kind of fun things do you have planned this weekend?!


Happy Hour: white peach + rose lemonade

Oh hey friends! It's friday and you better believe that after a long and fun work week, we're ready to kick back and relax. What do you have planned? This week's happy hour pick is actually an "all ages" bev that we've been dying to try- White Peach & Rose Lemonade. We ran across the recipe on Heart of Gold and are certain it would be the perfect drink so serve at a shower- baby or bridal for that matter. Who are we kidding though, there is absolutely NO need to wait for a celebration to mix one of these up... kicking off the weekend is a perfect excuse!


Happy Friday!

3 must try Sangria recipes

The Paper Moss office is full of sangria lovers and summer definitely calls for some icy cold, fruit infused drinks! Emily, Caitlin and I wanted to share our favorite recipes, in the event you're wanting to shake up something new this weekend. Any guesses which recipe came from who!??!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!!

Blackberry Sage Martini

It's FRIDAY! We wanted to kick off the weekend with a little "happy hour" inspiration and share a recipe that we tried in the Paper Moss office last Friday. I'm not big on sweet cocktails but this had the perfect balance of flavorful black berries and sophisticated sage!


You'll need:
- fresh blackberries
- sage simple syrup {a super easy recipe is found here}
- Cointreau or Triple Sec
- vodka
- ice
- a muddler, cocktail shaker & strainer


Muddle about 8 blackberries in a cocktail shaker. Next, add 1.5 oz of vodka, .5 oz of cointreau and .5 oz of the sage simple syrup. You can add more simple syrup to taste, but as previously mentioned, we wanted to keep this smooth & not overly sweet. Add ice & shake all ingredients together! Pour into your drinking vessel of choice, garnish {if you so desire} and ENJOY!!!


 Happy sipping, friends! And HAPPY FRIDAY!

Ginger Peach Mimosa

Adding a little bit of bubbly makes any day feel a bit more like a celebration. Today's cause for celebration- it's FRIDAY! We felt inspired to try a new spin on an all-time have: the mimosa. The pairing of ginger & peach added a sweet & spicy sophistication!!


 You'll need:
- chilled peach nectar
- ginger liquor {we love Domaine De Canton}
- chilled brut champagne or Prosecco
- fancy glasses suited for sipping!

The how-to is NOT complicated, friends!! Measure 1oz {or to taste} of ginger liquor for just a kick of flavor- you don't want it to be too overpowering. Next fill the glass with 1/3 peach nectar and 2/3 bubbly!


Garnish with a peach slice and you're ready to toast the weekend!


Here's to the weekend

Happy Friday, friends! What do you have planned for the weekend? We already have a busy few days planned {shocker!} including dinner with friends tonight, meeting with some potential clients tomorrow, afternoon skiing, a going away party and Sunday brunch. All fabulous things, but you better believe that I'm ready to kick off the weekend with some tasty libations! In honor of the impending storm coming our way on Monday, this "Nor'easter" looks delicious and seems fitting for the type of winter we've been having here in New England!


Planning for tomorrow

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! We truly hope that regardless of your relationship status, today you can celebrate the most important people in your life. Friends, family, those co-workers that make your days bearable, and so on. There is much to be celebrated and one of my favorite ways to celebrate is with food!! Although I'm excited for a nice dinner & a relaxing night, I'm already thinking about brunch tomorrow. Don't these festive fixings look divine?! Regardless of if you'll be hanging with your best friend, boy friend or roommates, why not wake up tomorrow and have a nice long, indulgent brunch? These recipes for cranberry buttermilk pancakes and a "Pimosa" {pomegranate mimosa} seem like the perfect pair!!


Happy V-Day! xoxo

Blackberry on Rye

We made it through the week, friends! I don't know about you, but it's been quite a crazy one on my end. This weekend, my love and I are jetting off to Portland for a friends wedding and some quality time with family. The weekend is near and in celebration of a few days off, I'll leave you with a delicious new cocktail recipe that you must give a try!


Rye whiskey, red wine, lemon, bitters, simple syrup and blackberries… is your mouth watering yet?!

Have a lovely weekend!

Winter warmers

For some reason I've been borderline addicted to drinking hot chocolate this winter- significantly more so than past years. As I'm spending this holiday for some much needed fresh air & relaxation on the slopes with my man, we'll surely be indulging in a cocoa break. I take great pride in having been the one to introduce my him to the fantastic cocoa + peppermint schnapps pairing but I don't want to stop there with the chocolatey concoctions! There are so many fun ways to liven up this traditional cold weather beverage {think lavendar & honey, Frangelico & cinnamon… salted caramel!!!} and we have plenty of time to explore this season!!


If you're up for the challenge to make your cocoa a bit more sophisticated, check out this round up of 7 delicious ideas.

Holiday Cocktails!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Thanksgiving is officially this week! I can't believe how fast time goes- real talk. You can believe that I will be enjoying some tasty things this Thanksgiving. And probably making some tasty cocktails. ;) I definitely want to try out the Pomegranate Gin Fizz, and the Rosemary Infused Cocktail. I am a sucker for anything savory. What are you suggestions for cocktails? We are listening!

Something Savory

Hello pretty Paper Moss readers! Coming at you today is a treasure trove of savory goodness. I love food, as made perfectly clear by my blog

1 2 3 4 5 6

I came across this article on the knot, and it got me thinking. Why not think up some Fall menu ideas for a wedding? We love Wedding Wednesdays, and we love food, especially pretty food, so here we go! The prettiest, savoriest, yummiest looking post Wedding Wednesdays have ever seen. There is a seriously good looking menu here...

And I mean, they don't have to be just for a wedding.... ;)

Leftover pumpkins?

Now that Halloween is behind us, I was pondering how to make the most of some of our non-carved pumpkins. Pumpkin bread is the obvious go to, but I'm feeling a bit more adventurous these days with all my fun new kitchen gadgets! Since my favorite cold weather comfort food is pasta, I wanted to try my hand at some of the yummy pumpkin pasta recipes that have been floatin around the internet lately. If you're in the same boat, here are my top 4 that I'm itching to try... but PLEASE, pretty please share any favorites that you might have!





Have a warm & cozy weekend!

*all photos are from respective websites

The flavors of fall

There's nothing like the smell of fall flavors to get us pumped up for the season. It takes the edge off the impending extreme weather that winter holds and in my opinion, enhances every bright leaf and crisp day. Days are about to be filled with sipping on apple cider, burning pumpkin pie scented candles and being cuddled in warm sweaters! One recipe I've been waiting to try until fall officially arrived, is this Vanilla Pear Cocktail that I spotted over on Two Tarts. Let's whip one of these up and toast to the start of the season!


Have a lovely weekend!