When all else fails...

...music is our inspiration. Come to think of it, even when nothing fails, music is still our inspiration. Whether you find yourself humming a tune while working away or rocking out to your favorite album while cleaning, music is the energy and the motivation behind so many incredible things. For those brides {and grooms} who love music, how about this cute idea to incorporate a shared passion into your special day?

Of all the art mediums that we share on Pearls for Paper, we always seem to leave out music. Why??? Well, there is no good answer. So on this lovely friday, we ask you this: What is your favorite music to work to? What song, band or album awakens your creativity?

Here are just a few of our current faves:

Band of Horses

Elizabeth & the Catapult

Andrew Belle

Joni Mitchell


*Photo courtesy of The Wedding Ideas Blog