Sweets for your Sweet

Food is the way to pretty much anyone's heart {let's be honest}. Well in light of the upcoming holiday, we thought it appropriate to highlight some of our favorite Valentine Day treat finds.

Perhaps you're a fan of our Cake Pops post from a few months back... we noticed it was quite a hit! Well, Bakerella, the creators of Cake Pops have many other fabulous recipes up their sleeves such as this one for Red Velvet Sandwich cookies. Oh HEAVENS! Roll up a stack in clear cellophane and tie ribbons on each end and it's the perfect little V-day gift!

If you haven't heard of the Message-in-a-Cookie from Williams-Sonoma yet, then climb out of the cave you've been hiding in! Okay, not all of us are up to speed on cookie trends, but seriously, you have to check this out. Granted, the actual making of the cookies is quite tedious, but the outcome is so adorable and so worth it! What better way to say how you feel than through a COOKIE?!!

We spotted this post from Baking Therapy's 2010 Valentines day celebration. Not only are they super cute, but they used the chocolate cupcake recipe from the infamous Magnolia Bakery with a little inspiration from Scootabaker {LA's home delivery bakery... brilliant!!}

*Photos courtesy of Williams-Sonoma, Baking Therapy, Bakerella