An easy way to impress those guests

You're busy with work, errands, going to the gym {on a good day}, keeping the house clean, going to appointments, trying to relax {somewhere in the madness} and then... maintaining a social life? Birthday parties, get-togethers, showers and other celebrations pop up all the time. So what do you do if you're strapped for time but need to bring something? The clever and classy lady can follow these easy suggestions to make a Betty Crocker Box cake mix into stunning cupcakes. Start with these precious designer cupcake wrappers. Oh yes, they're real and worth every penny! Either match the theme of the party or keep some on hand for those last minute occasions.


And then get your hands on some decorating tips {also can be found on The Cupcake Social} such as these.



Follow the frosting tutorial on Decorate This to add some fancy frosting décor. It's really not as difficult as it looks!


And last, put them on a cute stand such as this one we found on Delightfully Lovely.

Now, you can party like the savvy yet busy woman that you are. How who wants an excuse to make cupcakes??


*Photos from respective sites