DIY: {to die for} Envelope liners!

You are in for an adventure today, my pretties! The sweet & incredibly talented Michelle Peterson is our guest today to share this adorable and easy D.I.Y!! I don't know about you, but envelope liners make my heart skip a beat!! We couldn't be more excited, so here it is from the woman herself: Michelle: As an avid follower of Pearls for Paper, I love all things paper, ribbon, and hand-written. Living in Wisconsin, we were too far away to attend and celebrate our dear friend's son's very special first birthday in Washington. So, when she asked me if I would help with the party planning and make his invitations, I jumped at the chance! We decided on a Mustache Bash.  How silly and adorable for a one year old, right? After several failed attempts at getting just the right pattern to print for the background, I bagged it and grabbed what I had around - an old fairy tale book.

I used these delightful book pages as the background for the invite, and then went one step further to line the envelopes to match. Want to try it?

Here's what you'll need:

- Book pages

- Double sided tape and/or glue

- Paper trimmer

- Envelopes

- A pen

Here are the steps:

1. Tear some book pages.

I used an old damaged copy of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales. You can find some great old books at thrift stores.

2. Measure the book page to your envelope.

I look to make sure the page will be tucked behind the sides of the envelope, but not as wide as the envelope itself.

3. Trim your book page.

Think about cutting off the outside margin, as well as trimming down to the right width. Don't worry about trimming the torn edge, since you'll be tucking that into the envelope. It makes for a cute hand-made surprise if someone looks into the envelope.


4. Insert the page into the envelope.

Make sure the top ends up just below the glue line and eyeball it to be centered between the two sides.

5. Fold the page with the crease of the envelope.

6. Open the envelope to see the top side of your book page. Apply double stick tape and/or glue.

7. Press and done!

These are soooo cute, right? Thank you, Michelle for being a guest on Pearls for Paper and inspiring our weekend project!

*Photos courtesy of Michelle Peterson