Fall Favorites: You Stir Me

Hi lovelies! I'm Laura from You Stir Me and I'm so happy to be visiting the gals at Pearls for Paper today and sharing a fun and easy DIY with you! This week is all about fall favorites and my absolute favorite thing to do this time of year is dream about all the prettiness in store for the holiday season. As soon as the first brisk fall morning peeks it's little nose around here, I instantly dive into all the holiday inspiration I've been squirreling away and have at it. Here's a little DIY I came up with, perfect for your Thanksgiving table or for those crafty brides out there wanting a homespun twist for their place cards. DIY Wreath Place Cards

You Will Need: A wreath (I used a vine wreath I had laying around but you can use a Styrofoam or cardboard one if you like!) Yarn Ribbon Glue gun Decorative accents Name Tag Scissors

Step 1: Tie one end of your yarn around the wreath and wrap the yarn all around the wreath. Tie it off when completed.

Step 2: With your glue gun, begin to glue the decorative accents to the wreath. I like to poke the ends of the accents into the wreath and hide them underneath the yarn. Be sneaky. Feel free to add as little or as much as you like! I was going to use the gold glitter ornament you see in the pictures but nixed it last minute. Editing down my crafts is not easy for me!

Step 3: Thread a piece of yarn through the name tag and tie it around the wreath. Loop your ribbon around the top, leaving the two ends untied. You'll use the ends to tie the wreath around your napkin.

Step 4: Place your wreath on your napkin and tie the ribbon ends behind the napkin. Sit back and enjoy!

Wouldn't it be such a fun idea if you made new Thanksgiving wreath place cards each year and everyone in your family started a collection of the wreaths over the years? You could hang them up on the Christmas tree or create a pretty garland to ring in the holiday season. Make sure to snip off the name tags, of course. Think of all the fun little things you could glue to the wreaths for a kids table!

My family might be seeing some little wreaths at their seats come Thanksgiving...