Cake Trends: Patterns + Florals

One art form that we've always admired is cake designing! Perhaps it's due to our inability to transfer anything remotely artistic to edible things- it's definitely not our wheelhouse! :) Some of the cake styles and trends that we've seen floating around lately have captured our attention and we couldn't resist sharing one of those in particular- geometric patterns paired with florals. Though it's kind of edgy in style, we think the mixing of these elements makes for an interesting & elegant look! 

clockwise from top left-  via  |  via  |  via  |  via  |  via

clockwise from top left- via | via | via | via | via

This walk through of translating a trend into a baked good is pretty fun too!! What do you think?!

It's happening...

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and while for some this brings butterflies, for others this brings a tinge of pain at the anticipation. I was reading an article the other day that stated that Valentines Day is the most loved and most hated holiday. Goodness, I have been on both sides of the spectrum and feel compelled to rant a little bit in attempt to get a healthy dose of perspective. :)

If you have a special date planned with your significant other, be excited! Embrace it!! But remember that tomorrow really isn't anything other than a Hallmark holiday. What you do on Valentines Day doesn't necessarily define your relationship... it's the other 364 days that truly matter. Make those days count. And for those dreading the day all together, I completely understand. It's a little ridiculous how much focus is put on the holiday being about romantic love. If you're recently divorced or going through a break up, if your significant other is deployed or if you're just plain TIRED of waiting for the *right* one to come along (I've been there!), please remember that you are still so incredibly deeply loved. In either scenario, we shouldn't depend on one other person for validation of our importance, our worth is much bigger than that! So regardless of which boat you're in this year, we want to challenge you to celebrate EVERYONE in your life that you love. Friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, roommates. Tell them how much they mean to you & celebrate the ways they have blessed you!! 

I love this gorgeous quote designed by Saffron Avenue for Lark & Linen!! Check out the other cute stationery on the Saffron Avenue shop!!

Featured: Ruffled Blog

If you're a bride to be or if you simply enjoy pretty things, you've probably visited the Ruffled blog many times. I know we have!! We're thrilled that the talents behind this blog picked an inspiration shoot that we did a few months back! We had a blast collaborating with the gals at Whim Events to tie their vision for the shoot into some pretty paper goods! Shannon Grant of Rose Quartz Photography beautifully captured all of the pretty details and we've been in love ever since! Check out the whole soft & romantic shoot {here}… just in time for Valentines week!

Of course, we can't pass up the opportunity to share with you some of the stationery that we designed for the shoot! Enjoy!!!

Gearing up for V-Day

We're especially excited for Valentines Day this year. Perhaps it's because of all of the snow that we're clinging to that special day for something to look forward to? Maybe it's because everything having to do with it comes in shades of bright red, pink and {now} glittery golds, which all happen to be very happy colors if you ask us. :) Valentines week is here and here is a round up of festive & fun ideas!


Write some love notes to friends, family and your significant other so they know how much you appreciate them!


ake some sweet treats! Try a festive spin on your favorite cookie recipe or if you're really up for a challenge, try your hand at some French macarons like these!!


This conversation heart balloon DIY is not only super cute, but you can customize a message… get creative!


You can never have too many candles and this adorable ombre DIY would make a sweet gift or a great addition to any room!!

Have a fabulous Monday, friends!!!

Cold weather comforts

One of my favorite cold weather comforts is hot chocolate. While I was away at the Return to Rest retreat last weekend, we were surrounded by snow and watching more pile up by the minute. I was excited to learn that the retreat hosts had arranged for a gourmet hot cocoa bar to be designed for us by Alexis from The Little Things and Katie, from Sweet Annie Floral Design. I'm not about to spoil the opportunity to share  professional photos of the gorgeous{!!!} outcome, but I want to admit that this experience completely inspired me to think outside the box & try out some new hot chocolate recipes to make the best of this winter weather!! 


Here are 4 that I'm most looking forward to:

- Lavender Hot Chocolate 

- S'mores Hot Chocolate

- Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

- Nutella Hot Chocolate

What is your go-to for comfort during the cold months?

A standard of grace

I just spent the last several days at a conference, tucked away at a cabin in New Hampshire. We were surrounded by fresh snow, beautiful things & some amazingly sweet & talented ladies. Among the many things I gained from the long weekend {lessons, tips, friendships, time to rest, etc.} was a fabulous swag bag packed full of goodies from the sponsors. One of the things that I am most excited about is The Simplified Journal from Emily Ley. I have had a long time love for her designs and not only that, but the foil printed quote on the front, is one of my all time favorites:

Did you catch that? "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection". Each time I come across that quote, I find it to be a powerful reminder that no one is perfect. While it's important to always strive to do our best, no matter how much of a perfectionist we are or type A personality we have, it's simply not possible to achieve perfection. And that is where grace comes in. It always seems easier to show others grace than to show it to ones self, but in the spirit of taking care of ourselves and being fair, we all need to work on that a little, don't you think? As I'm playing catch up from being gone & finding yet another snow storm making it more challenging to do so, I'm clinging to this quote. 

If you want a daily reminder to hold yourself to a standard of grace, you can also buy a print on Emily's shop!!

Happy Monday, lovelies!!


Featured: The Knot New England

Happy Friday, friends! We're super stoked to share a recent feature from The Knot Magazine's New England issue. We collaborated with the lovely ladies at True Event to bring Molly & Ned's gorgeous hand calligraphed, letterpress invitation suite to reality. The soft silver ink & silver painted edges added a touch of whimsy to a traditional suite. It's so fun to see how their wedding day came together- it's every bit as gorgeous as we could have imagined!! Photographer, Ned Jackson captured their day just perfectly. Take a look!!

With Ned Jackson Photography capturing the whole thing

Painting Florals

How is everyone fairing after the blizzard yesterday?? In Boston, the entire city was forced to stay indoors on Tuesday, working from home to beat any potential power outages! Luckily, the power stayed on.

Snow days like yesterday always remind me of rainy days. Growing up in California, we didn't get snow, but we would get torrential downpour, forcing us kids to play inside. Those days meant craft days; sewing, painting, collaging! Anything to keep us preoccupied until the sun came out and we could go outside. As an adult, I normally stick to painting.

Designing, to me, means so much more than text on a computer, laid out perfectly with enough white space and balance. It also means having the knowledge to break out of borders and recreate structures. This is why I love painting. I posted a little while ago about working on watercolors (if you missed it, check it out here), and have been lucky enough to get to continue to incorporate watercolor and other paint mediums i.e.: Gouache!

Since our last post, we have created patterns for holidays cards for some amazing vendors, entered a Minted design challenge using watercolor floral designs, and so much more. It is so rewarding to incorporate different techniques into designing. We are loving it at Paper Moss.

So stay tuned and see what we come up with next!

Thinking warm thoughts

Even if you're not a New Englander, I'm sure that you have heard by now that the northwest is expecting "The Blizzard of 2015". It's all over the news and we're all waiting in anticipation to see if it's actually going to be as "bad" as they're saying. In all honesty, us ladies don't mind being bundled up inside on a cold snowy day... or heading out for some cold crisp air in our white washed neighborhoods. Working in a creative field, we derive inspiration from a multitude of things... even from blizzards!! Here's to thinking warm & cozy thoughts for the days ahead. 

Hang in there, fellow New Englanders!

Featured: Engaged!

It's always fun to head into the weekend with some good news and a little bit of pretty inspiration! Today, we're excited to share that our stationery was featured in the most recent issue of Rhode Island's Engaged! magazine! We couldn't be more excited. Without further adieu, here is the inside scoop...

Mariel & Joe's mixed metallic letterpress suite is on the bottom, right side!

Mariel & Joe's mixed metallic letterpress suite is on the bottom, right side!

Cindy & Cris's purple floral suite is on the top, middle | Karen & Phillip's green garden suite is on the bottom, center

Cindy & Cris's purple floral suite is on the top, middle | Karen & Phillip's green garden suite is on the bottom, center

Laura & Chris' navy & white suite is on the top left | Emily & Charley's Save the Date is on the bottom left | Ashley & Fred's Save the Date is on the bottom, center

Laura & Chris' navy & white suite is on the top left | Emily & Charley's Save the Date is on the bottom left | Ashley & Fred's Save the Date is on the bottom, center

Erin & Christian's brown letterpress suite is on the bottom right

Erin & Christian's brown letterpress suite is on the bottom right

Thanks for sharing in our excitement! Have a fantastic weekend!! 

The difference a font can make

We're still incredibly giddy about the recent release of The Collection, our new ready to order line! One of my favorite parts about the ordering process is how much designs can take on their own style based on the ink color and the script font choice. Have you seen our Formal Calligraphy suite?

This is my absolute favorite example of what a difference a font can make. Being able to choose from 48 different fonts {many of which were created from hand calligraphy} gives a plethora of different looks for this suite. For instance...

I'm holding my breath for the moment someone orders this suite letterpress printed in mint, light blue or sage ink!! Can you imagine the soft elegance?!

A long cold weekend

Happy Friday, friends! We're busy tackling our to-do lists today in the office but are excited to get headed into the long weekend. What kind of adventures do you have planned?! I'm especially excited to soak up some inspiration in the mountains in Vermont. Not only are we getting quality time with friends but we're planning to hit the slopes, have long dinners, do some beer tasting & also planning to stop by & tour the Ben & Jerry's factory! Yes, that last one is on my bucket list and I couldn't be more giddy about it!!!

Wishing you a safe, warm & inspiring long weekend!!

Featured: Boston Weddings

The recent issue of Boston Weddings Magazine highlighted some gorgeous floral inspired invitation suites, tastefully paired with arrangements. We're so flattered to have one of our custom letterpress suites included in the round up!! We're completely swooning over this partial barrel full of blooms designed by Blooms of Hope! It almost makes us wonder which came first- the invitation or the floral arrangement?! :)

Check out the feature here and get ready to be inspired!! 

Winter White on the Red Carpet

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Did you catch the Golden Globes last night?! I caught the first half (getting too old to stay up that late!!) and thought that it was amazingly fun to see what stars were sporting for the first big awards show this year! Along with a LOT of cleavage, we saw loads of embellishments, high slits, draping and more high-to-low hemlines. I was surprised at the number of white & winter white gowns and it got me wondering if the red carpet style is any indication of wedding gown designs that will be coming this year. Either way, what do you think of white gowns becoming a norm for formal occasions other than the big day?!

via  |  via  |  via

via | via | via

Getting Vintage

We often meet with couples who want to have a unique & playful Save the Date. If you're not keen on going the card + envelope route, one of our all time favorite things is incorporating a vintage postcard, whether from the venue itself (if it's old enough) or from the city/ state that the wedding is taking place. Ali & Will's vintage Ocean House postcard Save the Date achieved the playful elegance they were aiming for! We popped these postcards in clear plastic mailer sleeves to protect against the weather and add a chic finish! What do you think?

Photos courtesy of Erin McGinn Photography

Photos courtesy of Erin McGinn Photography

Have a lovely weekend, friends!!

It's been awhile!!

Hey friends! It's been awhile but we hope that you had an incredible holiday season and rang in the new year in style! I'm still in the process of "goal setting" for 2015 and am looking forward to carving out some time in the evenings this week to reflect on what I'm hoping to achieve this year. My husband always says that goals should be specific, measurable, attainable and relevant so I'm trying to keep those principles in mind as I map things out... and make a plan of attack! Are you making resolutions this year? Which one are you most looking forward to achieving?

The perfect place card holder

Happy Monday! We almost have our ducks in a row for Christmas, but one of the last things to do is figuring out the table setting for Christmas dinner. This has always been one of my favorite parts of prepping for the holidays! Anticipating sharing a meal with family that is scattered all around the US is pretty stinkin' special and certainly calls for a thoughtful table scape. I'm currently loving these sweet place cards from Pottery Barn- wouldn't they be the cutest addition to a holiday table?

If you prefer going the hand made route, there are plenty of snow globe DIYs out there! Check out this one from The Sweetest Occasion and think about scaling it down to a mini version!!

Happy holiday planning!!