Thursday Purseday: Add a statement piece

Those who have been reading for awhile know that Milly is one of my all time favorite designers. Since she only added handbag design to her repertoire a couple of years ago, I still regularly stalk the latest collection. Though patterns can be slightly intimidating for an accessory such as this, we're totally digging this Tribal Canvas Clutch & Tote combo! What a perfect statement piece for the upcoming spring season, don't you think?!


Also, for those of you who share the love for Milly, have you heard that she is designing a special Hampton's influenced line for Banana Republic that will debut this May! Thanks to our dear friend Erin, at One Two Summer for keeping my obsessive self in the loop on this development! Hope you're equally as excited about this new venture!!!

Tuesday Shoesday: bold & sassy

Since yesterday we highlighted a wedding gown designer who makes our jaws drop, it's only fitting to share a shoe designer on this Tuesday Shoesday, that has the same effect on us. Admittedly, we would NEVER wear these {can we even call them heels?!} but we're fully intrigued by the bold shape & sassy statement made by Giuseppe Zanotti.


And rest assured that even though they're not our style, we'll bare no judgement to those who love 'em!! :)

Inspired By: Phillipa Lepley

I've never been the girl to dream of any future wedding details or play out the big day in my mind but I've always been a sucker for fancy dresses & anything fashion related. When this stunning photo popped up on my Pinterest page last year, I'll admit that there was a tiny little tug on my heartstrings. I mean seriously....


Get what I mean?! I was completely captivated by this gown and recently became set on tracking down the brilliant mind behind it. This determination led me to british designer, Phillipa Lepley whom, we {as Paper Moss} are now obsessed with. This gal has got talent! Just looking at her designs... the luxe fabrics, textures, intricate detailing, stunning lines... is enough to send our mind soaring and be a solid source of inspiration for the week...


Thursday Purseday: Winter white

Let's cut to the chase: we're looking for another handbag staple to add to our purse collection, and said task is proving to be quite tedious. In effort to sidestep the classic blacks and browns that we're typically drawn to, we landed on some of these crisp winter white bags, all of which can be found on ASOS. While considering the versatility factor, winter white seems to be a perfect way to tone down that emerald sheath or ruby sweater... or to play up your favorite patterned ensemble. What do you think??

1 ASOS Suede Clutch

Mischa Barton Melrose Shoulder Bag

Aubrey Collette Tote Bag

4 Matt & Nat Santogold Bag

5 The Leather Satchel Company

6 Matt & Nat Jorja Shopper

Pining for Purple

For the past couple months we've been working with one of our sweet clients to design fun & elegant invitations with pops of amethyst. As the job has been coming back from print, we've been ecstatically ripping open the boxes and swooning over the whole invitation suite and have developed a love for this jewel tone. Consequently, today's purseday pick is a dreamy violet bag from Prada that we've been eyeing for the last couple of weeks. Isn't she stunning!?!

Clockwise from top left:

Magnolia Gloves {via}

Marc Jacobs iPhone Case {via}

Square Stud Earrings {via}

Prada Saffiano Satchel Bag {via}

Kate Spade Franca Sunglasses {via}

What do you think of this hue? Are you crushing on it or avoiding it?!

Winter wishing

In all honesty, one of my least favorite parts about winter is the need to stick to practical shoes about 90% of the time. Let's be honest, winter in New England requires a very different wardrobe than it ever did growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Gahhh! So I bid farewell to the potential of rocking cute shoes such as these Kate Spade Karolina Bow pumps, but I wholeheartedly encourage those in less frigid temps to carpe diem and sport some sassy winter heels!


In the meantime, we'll just watch the snow fall... ;)

The Perfect Shopper

Why change up a perfectly good thing? Well, when it comes to handbags we can't think of a reason and THANKFULLY, Zara is in agreement with us on this one. The Braided Shopper has been making an appearance with slight variations for over a year now and it has proved to be quite a staple in any handbag collection! We're just swooning over the statement shape that exudes elegance {thank you for showing us how to rock it, Olivia Palermo!} and being made of 100% buffalo leather, can you IMAGINE how silky & soft this bag is?!

{via/ via}

Show Stoppers

Since we're always on the lookout for a killer pair of flats, we are just ADORING this bare arch variation by Jenni Kayne. Her ready to wear collection for Spring 2013 is to die for and we absolutely have our eyes on these D'Orsay Flats as a wardrobe necessity once we bid winter farewell.

Not that we have anything against the ever classic ballet flat, but it's kind of refreshing to mix it up with these show stoppers! Agree or Disagree? Happy Shoesday!

Momentus NY

A lady can never have too much jewelry, right?! Well needless to say when we come across a good custom jewelry find, we just can't resist sharing! Say hello to the perfect engagement, birthday, shower or "because you're pretty freakin' fabulous" gift, by Momentus New York:

GAH! Is anyone else dying to layer these with some existing baubles? And another one we're crushing on from their shop:

Do you currently have any custom pieces that you're loving on??

Hey Junior!

Happy Thursday Purseday! Today we're excited to share a round up of purses that fall in the category of a recent handbag trend: Mini Bags! We've noticed this super cute miniature style from designers across the board and truly love the idea of lightening our load... and giving our shoulders a break. Perfect for a night out on the town or for a day of exploring!

{1} Tory Burch

{2} Rebecca Minkoff

{3} Milly

{4} Coach

{5} Loeffler Randall

What do you think?! Love it or hate it?

Lugging that laptop

Being part of a small business, most of my days are spent toting my laptop across the city and back again. While it's not ideal, I love, love, LOVE my job so I can't complain. Today I'm excited to highlight one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year:

Yes, I can now lug my computer around with the help of Marc- in the chic-est way possible. Agh, I'm in handbag heaven and just couldn't resist sharing with you on, in light of the first Thursday Purseday of the season! Did anyone else get a handbag for the holidays that they're swooning over?!

Give give

In the spirit of giving and as our last Thursday Purseday of 2012, we felt compelled to share another company whose proceeds benefit a cause that we believe in. Give Give is a fair trade company that produces  fashion accessories made in Nepal. Hear more about their story here and jump on board with their mission! All proceeds go to providing workers with direct access to health care, education, and good wages.

In addition to getting a ridiculously cute bag, what more could you hope for than to empower hard working people and support people who are less fortunate than we are?! A bit pre-mature perhaps, but thinking ahead to our New Years resolutions, supporting some of our favorite non-profits will be much more of a priority. Have you started thinking about resolutions yet?


What's better than a handbag that benefits a good cause?! In our purseday opinion, not many things. Regardless of where you stand on that question, we're absolutely loving the FEED Foundation's collection of handbags, and think that they would make a fabulous, re-usable, stylish, all around "good" holiday gift! Check out their collection of bags and other items, where a percentage of the profits go towards FEEDing underprivelaged countries and struggling cities.


There's even a bag dedicated to supporting those affected by Hurricane Sandy! The iconic FEED logo on each bag represents a movement and gets people talking. And raising awareness for a good cause is pretty stinkin' fashionable, right?!

Slipper socks!

In the winter months, we've really been trying to master the whole "getting cozy" thing. Knowing that it's inevitable that our tootsies will be cold all season, it's imperative to have some legit slippers and socks for the days spent inside. Needless to say, when we found out about the Sabrina Slipper Socks from Club Monaco, it was love at first site. With the yarn blend consisting of wool, angora and cashmere, they're destined to be heavenly.


What is your go-to winter warmer??

Phillip Lim

Lately we've been loving layering {how else would we survive autumn in New England?!} and in effort to keep the look fresh, we've been stalking and studying some of our favorite fashion blogs. While over on My Style Pill the other week, we spotted this stunning polka dot combo... and a luxe leather handbag by none other then Phillip Lim that we're trying oh-so-hard to not drool over!


Gold hardware, zippers and soft, textured leather... oh my!! The purse is so breathtaking that we nearly forgot to take notes on how to replicate the rest of the ensemble!

Handmade wedding gowns

While perusing Etsy the other day for some holiday gift ideas, one thing lead to another and well, we ended up finding some pretty stunning wedding gowns. It's hard to resist!! From custom to eco friendly to designer inspired, Etsy has quite an array of handmade styles and price ranges. This begs the question... would you order your dress from an Etsy shop? Do you know anyone who has?

{clockwise from top left: via; via; via; via; via}



Studded Flats

If you've been following us for awhile, you might have seen how much we adored the trend of studded stilettos earlier this fall. Well, being more practical now that the chilly New England weather is upon us, we're digging on the more practical version: flats. We need shoes that will allow us to move a bit faster- into warm buildings. Truly, it's a little devastating when that time of year arrives. But alas, there are some adorable options out there for every budget!

{1} via; {2} via; {3} via

And if you're on a SUPER budget, I Spy DIY has a super easy way to refresh & update an existing pair of flats. Check it out... and then proceed to get lost on that blog, because it's full of fun ideas!!!

A perfect world

Tory Burch is one designer that we just can't get enough of. In a perfect world, our fall wardrobe would include a pair of her Selma riding boots from last year's collection... but I suppose we'd manage to settle for the Amanda riding boots that are in stores now. Either way, these soft leather, logo laden boots are nothing short of perfection and are ideal for the chilly, autumn days in New England!


What are your ideal fall shoes?